Infobar Info Items
You can add up to 3 info items on your Infobar. Every info item can have text, icon and link. In this example we use 2 info items, the first is "Phone number" with "tel" link and the second is an "Address".
Infobar With Brand
You can enable or disable Brand in Infobar. Brand appearance depends on brand settings, which may be logo or plain text.
Infobar Action Button
You can add up to 2 action buttons on your Infobar. Every button can have label, icon and external or internal link. In this example we use 1 action button.
Infobar With Sidebar Menu Button
You can enable or disable Sidebar Menu Button on Infobar. If you enable sidebar menu you will get a menu button and when you click it you will get a sidebar with the menu you have selected to be shown. The menu has 3 Level Submenu items. On sidebar menu items you can see the number of submenu items in a red badge. To test Sidebar Menu you can click on infobar menu button on the upper menu.
Infobar Background Color
You can change background color by choosing from a wide range of simple & gradient colors.
Infobar Fluid Container
You can change Infobar Container type. Choose between Container & Fluid Container. In this example we use fluid container.