Slider with Images
You can create unlimited background image slides. You can choose to display images either as background or as images.
Slider with Background Images, Videos or Color
You can create unlimited slides with Background Image, Video or Color
Slider Height - Caption Size - Caption Align
You can change Slider Height selecting one of the 7 height options. There are 6 Caption sizes to choose from, Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, Huge and Giant. You also can change Caption align to Left,Right or Center.
Caption Types
Every Caption can have 1 or 2 Caption Items. You can choose between 5 different Caption types, Content, Image, MP4 video, Youtube video and Vimeo video.
Overlay & Caption Content Settings
You can add Overlay with your Own color and Opacity on Slides. On Content Caption you can choose between Title, Subtitle, Description, List Item and Button. You also can change Font size, Font Weight, Font Color and Button Color.
Slider Fade Effect & Interval - Caption Animations
You can enable Fade Animation between slides. You also can set autoplay and Interval between slides. You can add Animation Effects on every Caption Element with custom delay and duration.